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Week 1 Sparkle

Posted on Mon 28th Oct, 2013 BOOSSH CHAT GENERAL by Sarah Kate

So first Sparkle Weigh-in this morning, and 2.8kgs off! Very happy with this as I didn't manage to stick to the plan all week. I spent some time at home, which meant there were tempting goodies in the cupboards... Add that to it being the week before my Aunt Flo, when I am always mega hungry, I ended up only following the plan for 5 out of the last 7 days. Back with a vengeance this week though! I've started to write the first chapter of my dissertation so I'm distracted and not thinking about food (as much!). I've got a picture of a dress that I want to be able to wear once I reach my target weight, and every time I get a craving for something naughty, I look at it and remind myself why I'm doing this. I feel more positive already! Anyway, hope you're all well and unscathed by the 'Great Storm' (I live on the south coast and woke up to blue skies and sunshine, the only visible evidence of the storm being a few more leaves in the garden...). See you next week for the next weigh-in... P.S. I haven't managed to work out how to put in paragraphs, so if anyone knows how- I would be very grateful!!
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By Emma | Mon 28th Oct, 2013 16:14:48

Well done on your first week weight in. If you find out about the paragraphs, please let me know lol x